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       The research and development department of the company is now mainly include: sensor research and development department, instrumentation research and development department and monitoring system research and development department, processing department, product testing and experiment center, etc.

       The company has professional technology research and development personnel nine people, and from the China academy of engineering physics, China aerodynamics research and development center, in the first highway survey and design institute co., LTD., as well as the southwest university of science and technology more than 10 various related experts hired the r&d team of technical force is abundant.

       National university science park by the southwest university of science and technology co., LTD. Investment holding, Shared park subordinate non-metallic composite and functional materials in sichuan province key laboratory (national), nuclear waste and environmental security defense key discipline laboratory (ministry), manufacturing process, test technology key laboratory (ministry) authorized by China's ministry of education, solid waste treatment and resource recovery key laboratory of the ministry of education (ministry), engineering center and the analysis and test center and so on a number of national and provincial scientific research experiment platform and equipment. The platform conditions of production and research and development is very outstanding. Analysis and test center, for example, as the units passed the national metrology authentication, the center has a value of nearly 50 million yuan of the comprehensive analysis of the test platform, provides a complete r&d work for the company

       At the same time, the company and the first highway survey and design institute co., LTD., qinghai traffic science research institute, Chinese academy of sciences, cold and arid regions environmental and engineering research institute, xinjiang traffic science research institute, shijiazhuang railway institute, changan university, southwest jiaotong university and other research institutions and universities established long-term cooperative relations, for trial production of new products and the experiment provides a good pilot, for the company's products provide a solid foundation for further research and development and industrialization, at the same time, the company use of all kinds of resources of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions to solve various problems for the enterprise, can make the enterprise keep up, adopting new material, new technology, timely ahead in innovation.

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