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Ming yu symbol of science and technology is introduced

The LOGO color is blue and white. Blue implies a daydream, eternal, broad, efficiency, at the same time, with white collocation, show clear, fresh and clean, embodies the innovation, cooperation and responsibility, positive and efficient, the pursuit of healthy values.
        LOGO design from the company name "Ming yu" pinyin initials of the abstract form of the word, the lower part of the LOGO has a white line images taken from the water, water is the body of all things, everything to injure, the symbol of the company's philosophy, and trustworthy, win-win cooperation. At the same time, the LOGO of the overall modelling and the smiling faces of the people spirit likeness, including happiness, health, and welcome the quartet guests.

Ming yu values of science and technology
Integrity, responsibility, cooperation spirit; Work positive, happy, healthy life
Maintain justice, justice, honesty is the root of life; Constantly pursue professional work style, to strengthen their own professional quality, responsibility consciousness is the first requirement of good work; And attaches great importance to the overall interests, so as to create a good team performance is the cornerstone of enterprises built to last. At the same time, the modern enterprise and society, people's working pressure is very big, can only maintain happy state of mind work easy and out results, between the person and the person will be more harmonious, enterprises will be more harmonious, the society will become more harmonious. In the next decade or longer, there will be more opportunities and challenges faced by companies, it also requires us to have a healthy body, a healthy physical and psychological quality. Only in this way, they can better promote the company healthy and rapid development.

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