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  Mingyu is a designer and manufacturer of acceleration, pressure , force, displacement and temperature sensors, charge amplifier, digital display, roadbed, bridges and dam monitoring system, frozen soil environment effect automatic monitoring system and wireless data acquisition system of GPRS/CDMA.
  Innovate strength was the main motivating factor that prompted the establishment of the Mingyu company. In order to lay a solid foundation for the development of Mingyu’s unique sensor technology, the founders has built a long-term cooperative relation with many domestic military industries, research institutes and higher teaching institutions, such as University Science Park of Southwest University of Science and Technology, CARDC, CAEP, Xinjiang Traffic Science Research Courtyard, South Jiaotong University University of Science and Technology of China etc., which not only provides good conditions for a pilot scale experiment, also provides favorable help for products industrialization.
Recently, Mingyu has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO9001:2008 quality management system. Besides, with updating of products and many patents, such as 1 design patent, 2 invention patents and 4 new practical patents, the company has been developing steadily and is bound to advance toward better prosperity.
  The quality and performance of our products is in the leading domestic level. For example, research and application of Wide angle signal acquisition of piezoelectric pressure sensor gets support from “2013 Development Fund for Application Technology Research and of Mianyang”, frozen soil environment effect automatic monitoring system based on “Beidou” gets support from “2014 Innovation Fund for Small Technology Based Firms”, and wide angle signal acquisition of piezoelectric pressure sensor gets support from “2015 Sichuan key new products program”.
  Our products are widely applied in aerospace, aviation, national defense, railway and bridge, construction works, water conservancy project, petroleum, geology, teach experiments of high educational colleges. Many of our customers now used as their sole supplier.

Ten years, we use quality to gain good reputation;
Hundred years, we use science to build resplendence.

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